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Glossary of Money Loans from the Internet

Glossary of Money Loans from the Internet

If you are not the only economist you may have quite confusing concepts on the subject of money and can be confused by headaches. Your life a little easier (and less headaches), has created this dictionary of money. Below is an alphabetical order written about some of the money regarding the subject of the concept would be good to know.

If you need to look for a part of its meaning a second time, I hope you will come back to the Glass familyGlass family side dictionary again and find the necessary conditions!

PS: If any of your important terms are missing here, let us know – we will be happy to add.

PS: If any of your important terms are missing here, let us know - we will be happy to add.


  • Car Loan – A loan that is secured by money from a car. With a car loan, you can buy a new car that is then secured with loans.
  • Shares – Securities, which means holding in a company and giving you the right to participate in the company’s assets (depending on how much you have in the company).
  • Aliment – A court-appointed monthly income for child care. Aliment must be paid by the child’s parents who are not raising the child otherwise (eg the partner has left, etc.).
  • printed – premature wear and thus damage value. Due to depreciation of security, the loan is given a 100% value because the loan company must take into account the reduction in the value of the assets.
  • Annuity Schedule – A loan schedule, monthly payments that are all the same size. At the beginning of loan payments, there is great interest and the more you pay, the lower the interest.
  • Overdraft – A credit service where you can go to your deficit and pay the limit of your debit card amount. The essence of overdraft is similar to a credit card.
  • Promote – Progress on salary is paid before their tasks. Prepayment was requested by the employer, especially in a situation where you need extra money and therefore part of your salary is asked before the payday.


  • balance – a report by a certain date in a letter about assets, liabilities, capital, income and expenses, etc.
  • Gross wages – wage costs that accounted for more taxes. The gross amount must often be the wage contract.
  • Exchange – An institution that can trade through securities.


  • Credit Card – The most common card that you can save and use for an existing account to pay money.
  • deflation – Inflation is a reverse phenomenon where prices are falling for a long time.
  • Decree Money – Baby Support.
  • dividend – dividend policy loans from the Internet, ie the amount paid to the shareholder.


  • E-Bill – An electronic bill that replaces paper invoices. The service provider sends the e-invoice to the bank and thus makes payments much easier.
  • Budget – Plan to share the benefits and costs of revenue and expenditure review / evaluation.
  • subsistence benefit – the minimum amount a person can make.
  • Life – the type of insurance that makes the death (or accident) family effect the amount of insurance costs.
  • issue – cash and securities.
  • Personal bankruptcy – individual bankruptcy, court decision.
  • Euribor – interest rate banks agreed to the sound that is constantly changing and used one home loan rate (in addition to its bank base rate).


  • Facto – Financial Services, who submitted bills (and most of the revenue collection) to a third party who in turn pays bills to sell the amount of bills.
  • FSA – Financial Supervisory Authority.


  • warranty – warranty or promise.


  • Evaluation report – a document prepared by professionals that are ranked objects (buildings, vehicles) market value of certain parameters.
  • Credit Box – The Finance company offers its members money and put a number of credit cards on products such as loans or factoring.
  • Prepay – money that is placed in a warehouse that collects a fixed rate at the expense of more money. Time deposits and often several different types of deposits, including term deposits, investments, etc., all differ from deposit and other conditions.
  • Mortgage – a pledge of real estate that is given as collateral for a loan. A mortgage can be a mortgaged property (be it a house, a cottage, a plot, etc.), and it is a loan, which means that the lender has its own problems, it is possible to realize the loan collateral has given.


  • Inflation is an economic phenomenon that reduces the purchasing power of money and increases prices.
  • collection – use the amount of money. It is often engaged in special collection companies that specialize in the amounts issued by their clients collected.
  • interest – Percent credit card company product (loan company, bank) returned. For example, an interest rate of 10% per annum means that for a particular service, in addition to the service (loan amount) it is possible to pay a premium of 10% per annum in addition.
  • Identification is the process by which a person’s document and its conformity have been checked. This operation is based on getting a loan and washing the needed money and terrorist financing law.


  • Hire Option – A credit service that can pay for purchases in portions.
  • residual – value of the item after the worn part is deducted from the item value minus the worn part. For example: If the lease is stated to be at least 80% of the residual value of the vehicle, this means that the market value of the vehicle must be at least 80% of the original value.


  • Fellow Applicant – The main borrower or close family member with whom you want to take a loan. Borrowing together with a co-applicant can often borrow larger amounts than usual and more flexible terms.
  • Equity Loans – Type of credit in the form of operating / fresh businesses to develop your business.
  • Leasing – The type of leasing that may be the tenant’s lease period (ie after all payments are made) is the owner of the car.
  • Casco Insurance – To cover the risks of voluntary vehicle insurance that normal compulsory insurance is not covered. Casco insurance is often required to hire a new vehicle.
  • operating lease – the type of leasing in which the lessee returns the vehicle to the lessor after the end of the period (but it is also possible to buy the car upon request).
  • Loans – A type of loan that is characterized by a small amount of loan is a short-term, quick and very fast processing loan (ie the loan can be received on the same day).
  • Basic Income – An unconditional basic income paid by the state to all citizens of the country. The public pay concept has been tested in many places around the world, including Finland.
  • Home insurance – the type of insurance contract that protects your home with real estate.
  • Annual Credit Rate – The Total Cost of Loans, which shows how much the loan is actually spending the whole year.
  • Credit Score – A forecast of a person applying for a loan that is the basis for a decision on loans. The credit score will be obtained on the basis of the national register established and the information submitted on the basis of the loan application.
  • Credit – A credit product that is issued with a credit limit credit that can be used on a special debit credit card.
  • Security – A type of collateral that is secured by another person’s guarantor who promises to deal with the debt problem itself.


  • loan limit – the maximum amount that is assigned to the loan of the applicant and where it is possible to take the loan.
  • Contract – The contract is paid once for a fee that can be either a fixed amount and a percentage of the loan amount.
  • simple interest – the interest rate, which is calculated on the principal amount of the loan or pay the principal sum permanently.
  • Motor third party liability insurance – compulsory insurance for motor insurance, which is compensated for by the insured event, the victim was half the loss.
  • Leasing – A transaction whereby one party provides their assets for another use for a certain period of time and can be exchanged for a fixed amount of compensation.
  • Federal Interest – a rate calculated on the principal amount and adding interest accrued in advance.


  • Payment notes – a list of legal debtors, list people who have 30 euros higher debt, not paid within 45 days. Entry in the payment register, it is difficult to get loan services (and in most cases even impossible).
  • period – a situation where the borrower and the borrower agree to the interruption of payments. During the transition period, no loan payments or only the amount of interest is required.
  • margin – maximum size, part difference.


  • net salary – the amount of compensation that is served after the amount of tax that can even be received.


  • Self-financing – part of the loan, you need to cover your purchase. This means that if you want to buy a car that costs 1000 € and took out a loan with a financial contribution of 10%, you get a loan of 900 € and 100 € you have to pay for the car purchase.


  • Salary Certificate – A document issued by an employer that proves a monthly salary issue to the party.
  • salary – salary paid by the employer to the contractor under a contract.
  • Pawnshop – an institution that offers loans for consumer goods or valuables, pledge or collateral.
  • Äripäev – a calendar day is a weekend or a holiday, ie a normal working day.
  • pension fund to raise money to pay for pensions. There are both mandatory and voluntary pension funds as a fund.
  • Policy – A Document That Shows An Insurance Contract.
  • Pyramid Scheme – A fraud enrichment system where members add on the money earned, not a real product or service.


  • Health Insurance – Insurance, so it is possible that the cost of treatment and health care costs.
  • Refinancing – consolidation loan commitments in a situation where you take out a loan to pay all other liabilities, and continue to pay only one loan.
  • Travel Insurance – A type of insurance that provides unexpected travel expenses.


  • SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) payment is a Europe that works in Member States and makes payments more efficient and faster.
  • SMS-loan – loan type, loan application is characterized by mobile phone message.
  • Scholarship – Benefit / Compensation is paid for teaching, research, etc.
  • Shortcuts – (SWIFT code) that enables credit institutions to explain and pay up to speed and efficiency. SWIFT code used for international payments.


  • Guarantee Fund – a national fund that protects your investments and allows you to get your money back if something unexpected happens to a credit institution (eg bankruptcy).
  • Consumer Credit – An unsecured type with higher loan amounts, longer repayment terms and lower interest rates.
  • fair – the value of the property that corresponds to the current market situation. The market value is used as collateral for loans and mortgage lending and loan amount is determined on the basis of size.
  • Unemployment Benefit – A type of social security agency that guarantees a person stays unemployed seeks time for income.


  • New Economy – The Information Technology era of the economic system.


  • exchange rate – the price of a currency in another currency.
  • Prepayment – You can pay for a contactless payment with a debit card to enter the PIN code near the wave.
  • Penalty – Amount Of Late Payments For Financial Obligation.
  • Binding – Securities are willing to pay half of the bond investor’s loan with interest after a certain period of time.
  • Just like most of the graph – a loan plan that has the same amount of loan, but adds interest, making it a monthly payment variable.


  • Student Loan – A loan granted by a bank to provide studies.


  • Credit Loan – A type of loan that is given only to companies. General contact conditions can be very different and the number of sub-types of business loans such as equity, loan output, and the like.


  • Ethical Banks – A bank that finances environmental projects and the main goal is not only to make a profit.


  • Co-financing – A credit service that provides loan activity to a particular platform or a credit intermediary and the lender is not a bank or a loan company, but other companies or individuals. Collaboration is also known as human-to-human and the name of the loan group.
  • cooperative bank – a credit institution which works on the principle of the cooperative, which is composed of different members, and is given credit service members.


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